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It's likely to rain tomorrow.

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We played chess.

I went to see a movie with Masanobu after school.

"What, Snuffles? Dangerous? I assure you I have him well train-AAAARGH!!"

He's in this thing up to his balls.

I don't know what we can do.

Something about the situation made Erik feel very uneasy.

She took the photo back in her hands.

This area has changed completely.

What a pleasant journey we had!

Look after the cat while I'm away.

Jared isn't as active as he used to be.


I refused at first.

Let's cross that bridge when we get there.

Comedy is something that makes you laugh.

Tanya and Theodore were both sitting in front of the fireplace.

You're the most incredible person I've ever met.

Once again, the dog has gone on a rampage.

We have to take care of our parents.

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His failure led him to drink every night.

We'll probably arrive in Boston before 2:30.

At what time did you wake up?


All great men are dead and I am not feeling too well myself.


Let's give him some privacy.

This is just my personal opinion.

You are a cold-blooded person, aren't you?

Everything was new.

She didn't look happy to see him.

Please look over the map on page 25.

Typing capital letters on a computer is somewhat tedious.

I lost sight of them.

Jayesh escaped with the briefcase.

I want to give them a hug.

Brodie managed to put out the fire by himself.

Tell us what happened that night.

This iron sheet is coated with tin.

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That book is small.

Floyd will be alright.

They were unfair with him.


This letter was written in great haste and contains many errors.

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It was too cloudy to see the airplane.


The girl said she was going shopping with her mother, and didn't listen to what I said.

Ed and Serdar are holding hands.

Are you sure you want to be here?

Jennifer collects antique clocks.

I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

Of course there were several hundred boats moving around on the water but not just any old one would do.

Who dines at this club on Christmas but lonely bachelors?


Do you want to do it right now?


Judy prepared to leave.


The police officer put a piece of paper in front of him.

She has only six months to live.

Some are happy; others unhappy.

Do you find her attractive?

I think I should help Winnie.


He cannot be over fifty; he must still be in his forties.

I traveled on foot.

I'd like to think that's true.

Who sent the flowers?

Spoiling an ending is a heinous crime against humanity.


Tanaka claims he's not racist but just politically incorrect.

I swear I didn't see her.

We must wash all these dirty plates.


You have great legs.

Do you still have time?

This song is a love song.


The door was left ajar.

I felt sorry for him.

We woke to terrible news this morning.

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I am a single mother of four children.


The crowd grew rapidly.


Don't worry. Everything's going to be all right.

The door to the garden is very narrow.

The plan has many practical difficulties.

Do you remember what happened last time?

I don't add sentences in Japanese.

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I'd like to look at that chart.

She belongs to the Democratic Party.

Alison doesn't want to eat at that restaurant.

He unbuckled his belt.

My friend just sent me this picture of his little cousin.

Sundar likes to have a large dollop of cream with his cheesecake.

I have to run faster to catch up with him.

I have attached a Microsoft Excel file.

Bring Po along.

Harmon is still living in Boston, isn't he?

My nephew was accustomed to staying up late.

What a fine view!

Today's broccoli is overcooked and tasteless.

We should not resort to violence.

The water will soon drain away.

Shareholders voted to liquidate the company's assets.

Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock.

There's someone I'm in (unrequited) love with, but that person is busy now and I don't get replies to my emails.

Bread and milk are good foods.

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I don't know what I'm going to do from now on.

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Melanie is drinking milk.

Donne was disrespectful.

Anything goes here.

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Jurevis is very short.

I'd like you to go there.

What else did you have?

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I can come if you want.


You scared me.


I never expected to win.

Mongo requested a seat over a wing.

The snow will melt when the sun comes out.

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The house next door is a bit loud. I wonder if they're throwing a party.

It would be best if you didn't do that.

The hunters trailed the deer over the mountain.


She walked away without acknowledging me.

Healthy food is essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind, and as a result, promotes maximum efficiency.

Helge told me you and Christie are planning to get married.

Please say it again.

Jack doesn't like Camembert at all.

Did you hide it somewhere?

Is there some land for sale here?

He is a good fellow for sure, but not trustworthy.

Louise wanted Antonella to play tennis with him.


That was the difference.

Wait until your turn comes.

Donna has apparently not yet paid his rent.

Are you ever going to fess up about cheating on your boyfriend?

It's a good day for a cabinet reshuffle.

Lex smiled bravely.

If you don't want to read, then don't.


I want a room with a shower.

Will you show me the picture?

O that I had so much power!


Thanks for your reply.


My only concern is for your happiness.

He is an atheist.

What did you really mean?

I signed the contract.

Charles will consider this.

Invite us out to dinner in a restaurant.

The man tried to catch hold of me by the collar.

Why did you abandon me?

He is out of his mind.

He knows who we are.

Are you sure you want to do it?

What was Monica talking about?

Sanjeev took a pilates class.

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However hard he may try, he won't succeed.

Look closely.

Jerry bought an electric car.

It can take years for people who migrate to a country to gain an understanding of the social and cultural mores of that country.

Mac recommended this novel to them.

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You allow your children to play in the street at night.


A whole car fits into the blind spot.

There were many things that Sergei wanted to do before he died.

I still have a job to do.

How did you kill her?

I feel like eating out tonight.

His novel had a great vogue for a long time.

By this time, the whole house was in flames.

The boy deserved praise for saving the child's life.

There's someone I want you to meet.

What's the name of your dog?

He was deathly afraid of Barbies.


That big boy is bullying the little children.

A huge waterspout has formed.

I heard them.